Planet Earth. A mysterious entity with over 7.5 billion specimens known as “humans”. It’s a ball of water, rock and plants bundled up in an atmospheric sack, which is kept in place thanks to gravity. It’s interesting to think that the name “Earth” is only shared by those who live on it. To the other life that exists elsewhere – i.e. my clan back in Mars – what kind of name does Earth actually have? I would share what the Martians would call it, but the Martian language is so advanced that the human textual system can’t handle it. So a fun tidibit about this Earth thingy: there’s a claim about Earth not actually being spherical, but being pear-shaped instead. It is true that the Earth has a bulge at the equator as a result of its rotation, giving it the shape “oblate spheroid”. This bulge makes the diameter along the equatorial plane (or, from one end of the equator to the other) about 43 km longer than the diameter between the north pole and the south pole. The thing is – Earth is a huge mahumbagumba. 43 km is only about a 0.3% deviation between the two planes. So in photos like this, the human eye can’t even perceive the bulge! (Oh, but the Martian eye totally can – jeez Earth is practically a cylinder!) Anyway, this card came to me over Official Postcrossing from Arizona, which I meant to mention earlier! Thanks so much for sharing this postcard with me!