This is a postcard that came to me from Indonesia! I believe this is part of a series, though I’m not 100% certain, and reverse image search yields links to wallpaper sites and whatnot. The only hint I have is the writing on the tree to the right: それが自然のうたなのさ. Thanks to a little knowledge of Hiragana, and to the one site that allows one to draw out Kanji characters, I’ve found out that the Romanji of it is “sore ga shizen no utana no sa”, though I’m not sure of the meaning behind it (I’ve looked up translations but I can’t really piece it together from them). Ah, I actually just re-looked at the wallpapers – they don’t include the spirit-like deer and birds, nor the Japanese characters, so I assume they were added to the postcard. Quite a lovely scene this is! Thank you so much for your choice of card and for your kindness, Rachel!