Anyone enjoy cycling? My childhood was filled with it. It started with biking up and down the driveway, then to biking to my friend’s house and to work. To work was about 3.8 km… which isn’t anything stellar, but as a kid it was something I could be proud of (and oh my word the hills I’d go up and down…) This Official Postcrossing card here – hailing from Germany – features a map of the Elbe Cycle Route, along with some pictures of what to expect on the route. This is a 1220 km route (that’s over 300 trips to work! Better be tax-deductible for transportation!) that spans from Špindlerův Mlýn (northern Czech Republic) to Cuxhaven (northern Germany). Any further and you’ll be in the North Sea (there is no waterborne bike route, unfortunately). This route runs alongside the Elbe River, and it’s considered the most popular cycling route in Germany. There are a couple reasons why this route is so well-liked: 1.) it offers a great variety of natural sights; 2.) there are plenty of rest areas and restaurants along the way; and 3.) it’s an arguably easy route given the relatively level terrain (especially on the German side)! There’s also a special sign designating the route, which is important as it share some terrain with other bike routes, such as those of the EuroVelo network (which is a series of bike routes in Europe). Because of there being so many accommodations along the way, it’s easy to break up this otherwise seemingly daunting journey into little bits. So if you ever try this one, take your time with it! That river ain’t goin’ nowhere! Thank you so much for this wonderful postcard!