Check out this Official Postcrossing card from Finland! What you see here is Söderskär Lighthouse, This lighthouse is located in the archipelago (group of islands) that sits outside of the city of Porvoo (southern Finland). It’s part of the Gulf of Finland, which is the lower jaw of the Baltic Sea alligator attempting to consume Finland. Mr. Alligator – just because “fin” is in the name doesn’t make it a fish. Anyway, Söderskär Lighthouse was built in 1862, and it’s made of granite and standard bricks (the latter due to a shortage of the former). It’s an octagonal lighthouse, which is a pretty uncommon build. It was manually run until the 1950s, and in 1989 it was shut down. Now one can visit the island as part of a tour, as private expedition is forbidden due to preservation of the bird species there. The island is known for how separated it is from the rest of the busy world; it’s got complete silence save for the lulling rhythm of the ocean. There’s also a museum in the lighthouse that shares a bit of the history of life on the island. Fun fact: the sauna on the island was completed decades before the masters’ quarters – I mean, priorities, bro. Another fun fact: Tove Jansson, the author of the Moomins books, was inspired by the Söderskär Lighthouse and accompanying island, which was the fuel for one of her books, “Moominpappa at Sea”, where Moominpappa (the father Moomin) takes his family out to sea to find a lighthouse. He may or may not have known about the ban on private vessels but… we’ll let it slide for a fellow Moomin. Awesome spot for some peace and comfort of the sea! Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Päivi!