Here is an Official Postcrossing card from India! This is a card that features Kerala, a state located in the southwestern part of the country. It’s part of what’s known as the Malabar Coast, and sits next to the Arabian Sea. Kerala is a pretty geographically diverse region, yielding a long strip of coastline, dense forests, lush backwaters, and rolling highlands. Historically it was a big area of commerce, serving as the “Spice Coast of India” for traders to go nuts in. Kerala is also a big spot for tourism, especially in the areas of art, architecture, spa, and of course anything beach/backwater-related. If you choose to make an excursion here, one thing that you can take part in is hiring a Kettuvallam, or houseboat, as seen here! These are barges with thatched architecture, designed like trade vessels historically used for things like rice and spices. They are now used primarily for touristic purposes, allowing people to discover the area through the backwater routes. You can simply hire one of these for as short as a day trip or as long as a week, and just spend the time hanging out, enjoying the sights. There’s usually a cook on board too, so you get dinner and a slow-moving, peaceful show! So you’re basically doing an Kerala-style cruise by embarking on one of these! If I ever travel here, I’ll probably just skip the hotel and go right to the houseboat! Thanks so much for sending me this wonderful postcard, Soumendu!