Take a look at this scene of intrigue from Germany! This is a postcard from the Michael Zeller Auction House, located in the town of Lindau (which is also by definition an island). Lindau can be founded on the southern end of Bavaria, right by the border of Austria and Switzerland. Anyway, this place started off as an art shop in the late 1800s, founded by Joseph Zeller, and about halfway into the 1900s became an auction house. Now it is run by Michael Zeller, whom you can see at the bottom of this card (so no, that was not a wax auction piece, though that’d be kinda neat admittedly). So the non-Michael things you see on this card are examples of what might be put up for auction! This includes ceramics, paintings, bronze sculptures, jewelry, furniture, and hey how ’bout a puppenherd? I just now learned that that’s a toy hearth used for like a dollhouse – I’ve never (puppen)heard of such a thing! From what I gather, this is definitely where the pro bidders go to in order to do engage in some REAL auctions. I’m honestly so intrigued by this card… it’s not for bid though, guys! Sorry! But, may I interest you in a limited edition APFY antique miniature? Going for 200,000 euros only! Thanks so much for sharing this super neat postcard with me!