Halloween is in but a month, folks. I can’t wait to get into my zombie postman costume – “SEND ME YOUR BRAINS!” This card came to me over Official Postcrossing from Canada! This is a vintage advertisement card featuring Dubble Bubble, a bubble gum candy manufactured by Tootsie. You may be familiar with the ever-popular Tootsie Roll – Tootsie also makes Sugar Daddys, Charleston Chews, DOTS, and something called Caramel Apple Pops… which I’ve never had before but it sounds creative. Dubble Bubble normally comes in the traditional bubble gum flavor, but also has other flavors like pink lemonade and sour cherry. Dubble Bubble only fairly recently became part of Tootsie in 2003; before that, it was a creation by Fleer Candy Company, and was accompanied by a mini comic strip, a fortune and a random fact. It even became a ration staple during WWII! Now it is a staple of many trick-or-treat bags, eagerly waiting to be chewed and made into bubbles that will later stick to the faces of regretful bubble-blowers who thought they were hotshots. (And yes, I was that mistaken hotshot many times before). Thanks so much for sending this card to me!