Here is another card from the same sender as yesterday! This one shows the American foxhound (well, a few of them rather), and the picture itself is from an illustration book know as “The Spirit of the Dog”. The American foxhound came about with the help of my country’s first president, George Washington! One of G. Wash’s pastimes was foxhunting, which involves a bunch of people on horseback with foxhounds (English ones, in this context) leading the way, chasing after a fox. Quite an elaborate setup to go after something you can’t typically eat… although fox casserole sounds enticing. I’m the worst. Anyway, Mr. Washington’s English foxhounds were eventually bred with French ones to create the American foxhound! They are known for being good hunters (though very friendly with people), and have a particularly keen sense of smell. I wonder if these ones are on the trail of something as a matter of fact. R.I.P. Foxy. Thank you so much again for the wonderful postcards you sent me!