So as quite a few of you may know, about two months ago I spent a short holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – and like I do with most trips, I sent out postcards. The one that I sent my self finally arrived just a few days ago! This is a multi-view of San José del Cabo, or Cabo San José. Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San José make up “Los Cabos”, so they’re two separate – albeit pretty close – cities. Cabo San Lucas, where I stayed, is considered to be more festive, and Cabo San José the more serene one. So where are Los Cabos located? They can be found in the state of Baja California Sur. Imagine Mexico as an elephant – most of Mexico consists of the trunk, but Los Cabos is located on the elephant’s bottom lip. Some sights of Cabo San José can be seen on the lovely images on this card. At the top is the San José Estuary, which is an oasis that sits at the mouth of the San José River. This is a good place to take a hike and see the wildlife, particularly the birds. You can also take a kayaking tour (bottom) and see all the natural beauts of the oasis – or if you’re like me, wave at all the trees like a weirdo (I may or may not actually wave to inanimate objects… although trees are technically not inanimate… but I digress…) In the middle on the left is Parroquia San José (written simply as “The Church” on the back of this card), an active Catholic church founded in 1730 with some pretty cool architecture. Then on the right is the City Hall, sporting a very similar look to the aforementioned church, plus a typical city hall clock and some neat historical murals in the interior of the building. What a magnificent trip this was (even though I was in Cabo San Lucas)! Thanks, past self, for sending me this card! We should chat some time! (And trust me, folks, we do a lot of that already…)