The final member of the astronomical triad of Russia is now making its appearance! This one features a wallpaper – like the previous one – except I found out the creator! (I think?) It is an artist by the name of CZY, who has pretty similar themes throughout his or her works (yeah call me Professor Oak from Pokemon Red/Blue but I don’t know if the artist is a boy or a girl). Most of the works involve a sublime view into space from earth, with a tiny human (usually an anime-style schoolgirl) beholding it all. Outer space is a wonder like no other. The beauty of not being able to readily travel through the atmosphere of our world lies in the imagination we can impend upon what’s beyond it. All self-proclaimed Martian origins aside, the mystery of the universe is the thing of dreams. Thank you once again for your amazing postcards and for your kind words, Irina!