Yay my aunt loves me! She sent me this lovely postcard from North Carolina! This is a shot of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains! The Appalachians are a mountain range that go from Newfoundland, Canada all the way into Alabama (I honestly didn’t know the Appalachians went into Canada – the more ya know!) As you can see from the sign here, Mount Mitchell is the highest point in the US east of the Mississippi River (so pretty much the highest thing you can find to the right of Illinois’s western border, aside from my electric bill). For those of you who use the metric system, this point is 2,037 meters in elevation. This here is the observation deck of the peak, which is accompanied by a museum, a restaurant, and a trail network, forming Mount Mitchell State Park. The sights off this point are… well, my words would not do them justice. This card has signatures from all the group members kinda like how Postcrossing meetups are done (which mirrors a previous card my aunt sent me! I love that!) Thank you tons for thinking of me, Aunt Kathie & Uncle Bob!