Looking through some of my slightly older received cards and I realize I had yet to share this one, from the Czech Republic! This is a postcard featuring a landmark in Kutná Hora, located in the Central Bohemian Region. If you saw my earlier post about Načeradec, this is in the same region as it. Kutná Hora, a.k.a. the city of silver, started off as a settlement back in 1142. It earned its alias from the discovery of silver in the mid-1200s, leading to a remarkable economic boom. Kutná Hora now holds reputation as the “national treasury”. With its wealthiness came about stunning churches and cathedrals, to include the absolutely stunning Gothic work – the Church of Saint Barbara; the Cathedral of Our Lady; and probably the eeriest and most famous – the Sedlec Ossuary. If you don’t know, an ossuary is a place where bones are kept; the Sedlec Ossuary is decorated – yes, decorated – with bones of tens of thousands of skeletons. That is just… SO COOL! Okay my first thought is… y’know, “how irreverant!” But to live on as a work of art and quite literally haunt people after death… the morbid me says “Tyler, make that part of your will!” Anyway, none of those places I talked about are shown here – instead, this is an illustration of the Czech Museum of Silver, which offers a pretty cool tour of the adjacent medieval silver mine. You can also check out some of the silver exhibits on a self-guided tour, which includes being able to check out some of the numismatic collections. Thank you so much for this really neat postcard!