Here’s a postcard I received over Official Postcrossing from Kentucky! Interestingly enough, it’s a card featuring a local sight! First off, this is a work that’s part of silhouettist Wilhelm Staehle’s collection (quite an interesting form of art). This features a very popular icon of American culture – the Liberty Bell. I’ve seen the Liberty Bell – located in my country’s birthplace, Philadelphia – once in person! It’s actually smaller than I imagined it to be. As a kid I thought it would tower over me, but I could probably fit it in my pocket (…of my size 47XL pants, maybe). Weighing over 900 kg and consisting of about 70% copper, this symbol of the US started off as a bell placed at the Pennsylvania State House (present-day Independence Hall) to signal meetings and news readings in the mid-1700s. It’s actually a recasting of the bell that was originally ordered for the occasion. It wasn’t until the early-/mid-1800s that it became the country’s symbol of liberty. The Liberty Bell bears a considerable crack whose origins are not really known, though it’s thought to have been formed from constant use over its 90 years of service. Oddly enough, in order to repair the crack, it was intentionally widened so as to prevent further cracking and keep the tone of the bell. But it later cracked again and can no longer emit a sound. WAIT – is that why the caption on this card is “please set your ringtone to silent?” Well-played, Wilhelm! Anyway, despite this, I’ve always envisioned the sound (envisioned the sound? Is that a proper way to say it?) of the bell to be of majestic, liberty-powered resonance! And somehow, it ends up being hearty and loud in my envisioning! Thank you so much for this lovely postcard, Lauren!