Y’all already know how much I crave those recipe cards – here’s one over Official Postcrossing from Finland! This dish is called “savustettu peruna-lohisalaatti”, which, according to Google, translates to “smoked potato salmon salad”. I’m inclined to believe Google as this concoction DOES include both potatoes and smoked salmon! In addition, there’s some spices, oils, and something that I’ve never encountered before: caper berries! (That’s the thing with the stem coming out of it; kinda reminds me of an artichoke heart… with a stem coming out of it). In short, the potatoes are roasted then smoked, and afterwards assembled with the rest of the ingredients, to include the cold smoked salmon. Based on what I can see, this dish itself isn’t particularly common (correct me if I’m wrong), but the potato is one of the staple ingredients of contemporary Finnish cooking. During the 18th century and beyond, its popularity rose, overtaking the turnip as the big staple ingredient. I guess you could it was a… “turnip” events? (Like, “turn of” events… yeesh, my humor’s future is looking grim…) Potato cultivation is particularly highest along the western coast of the country, due to its favorable soil and climate conditions. This card is actually linked to a project known as the Pure Potato Project, which is a collaboration among the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and housewives, for the purpose of promoting this bangin’ vegetab- I mean, legume. Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful card!