This Official Postcrossing postcard is from the Czech Republic! I might have said it before, but Poland and Czech Republic seem to lead the way with old, historic towns. This one is called Načeradec. Načeradec is located in the Central Bohemian Region of the country, putting the town right in the middle of it. There really isn’t much that I can find on this town, except that the main post office was opened in 1867. Out of all the things on the web, I’m glad there’s something about the post office! Luckily, the sender listed the landmarks featured here for me. Going from left to right, top to bottom, we have: 1.) the Monument to the Victims of the First World War, 2.) St. Peter and Paul’s Church; 3.) St. John’s statue, 4.) also St. Peter and Paul’s Church; and 5.) Castle Načeradec, which was built in 1734 and served as a boarding school and educational institution for children until the late 1970s (apparently it underwent many auctions thereafter but had no buyers… poor building…) I’m oddly enamored by how little I can find of this town! Usually I can find a little something more about each landmark or about the town in general, but unless I put my elite detective hat on (which is still in the washing machine… indefinitely…), I’ll have to concede to the above! At any rate, thank you so much for sharing this hidden bit of loveliness!