Vintage travel poster cards are something to admire! This one came to me from Michigan! It features (or advertises, I suppose?) the city of Detroit, Michigan’s largest and most populous state (though not its capital). Detroit is located in the south eastern part of the state, on the “oven mitt” part of it (since the state is separated into two sections… I gave it the “oven mitt” name because the part I’m referring to looks like that!) As you can see on this card, Detroit was bestowed the title of “Motor City”, due to its long-running status as a prime player in America’s automotive industry. For one, Henry Ford – the pioneer of the Model-T automobile – founded the Ford Motor Company in one of Detroit’s suburbs (Dearborn). Motor City catalyzed the use of mass production for automobiles, which is where assembly lines are used to speedily put together identical versions of something. Beats building a car on your own, eh? Detroit’s also home to innovations in transportation infrastructure, such as the world’s first urban freeway. Aside from being the automobile MVP, Detroit’s known for being unique in a few ways. For example, if you go to Detroit, you’ll be in the only US city that you can look south to Canada at! More closely related to postal matters… Detroit also has the US’s only floating post office! This is the J.W. Westcott II, a mail boat that operates out of Detroit and even bears the title of being the only floating zip code! I guess that means no matter where it is in the water, it’ll always postmark its mail out of Detroit. Thank you so much for this wonderful postcard and for all your kindness, Ann!