From the anime card bundle I received, here’s card #2! This is from a “magical girl” manga and anime series called Shugo Chara! Mind you, that exclamation point is part of the title, so it’s not to be confused with the much more boring “Shugo Chara” or even more excruciatingly dull “Shugo Chara…” – it’s “Shugo Chara!” (Those other two Shugo Charas aren’t real… only in my unamusing comedy routine do they exist.) Shugo Chara!, which is also known as “My Guardian Characters”, features the student seen here, Amu Hinamori, who appears to be popular on the outside (reputed as “cool and spicy”) but is actually very shy. Thus, she makes a wish to become her “would-be” self (which I assume is that which lives up to her appearance), and the next morning she finds three colorful eggs, which hatch into the little Guardian Characters you see here: Ran (red), Miki (blue), and Su (green) (she later gets a fourth Guardian Character – a yellow one named Dia). These Guardian Characters help Amu achieve her “would-be” self. The story progresses a great deal from there with Amu’s experiences with the new personalities and abilities her Guardian Characters grant her, plus other situations such as finding and dealing with corrupted guardian eggs and characters. This started off as a manga and was adapted into an anime series, which received two more seasons with mostly original plotlines. I was gonna give this a watch before posting, but then realized that watching 150+ episodes might take me a tad while. But I’m always up for exploring new anime shows so I’d love to give this a try! Fun fact: the hanging ghost in the top-left corner is known as a teru teru bozu, literally meaning “shine shine monk”, which is a kind of Japanese superstition used to ward of rainy weather. Thank you so much for sending me this amazing postcard!