I know Postcrossing has a huge Detective Conan fanbase within its midst… so here’s a DC card I got from China! If I’m not mistaken, shown here are the characters Conan Edogawa and Shinichi Kudo. For those of you who have not watched Detective Conan a.k.a. Case Closed – like myself – it features a young detective (Shinichi) who has a run-in with a crime group known as the Black Organization, and is forced to drink a poison that makes him smaller. That smaller version of him assumes the alias Conan – so yes, these two are the same person! I admit I’m a little worried about making assertions about the series based on summaries only, mainly because it’s such a long manga/anime series that I run the risk of oversimplifying it. This manga has 96 volumes, and the anime has 949 – and counting! It barely beats out One Piece in the episode count. I would consider watching it as it does sound like a neat show, and detective stuff is right up my alley, but the episode count is a bit intimidating. I’m one who doesn’t like to drop shows, either. Thank you tons and tons for sharing this awesome card with me and for all your kindness, Yusang!