My dear friend and one of Postcrossing’s “greats” from the Netherlands sent me this beautifully simple yet very visually pleasing postcard from a meetup in Rhenen! Can I first just say how I am so pleased by the professionalism of this design? It really does justice how the gaps between the pictures are the same size all around, and how the Dutch flag is perfectly lined up with the leftmost photo, and how none of the photos are skewed or anything. Major kudos on the design! Anyway, Rhenen is a city located in the province of Utrecht (kind of south of Amsterdam and east of The Hague). Becoming a city in the 1200s, Rhenen is located to the east of the bottom tip of a 50-km hill region known as the Utrecht Hill Ridge, and to the north of the Rhine River. As such, it’s surrounded by much greenery and water. I just imagine a giant slip ‘n’ slide stretching from the hills all the way into the river and how much fun that would be. What I don’t imagine is the day that I’ll ever stop coming up with such weird thought experiments. Digressing – besides being home to some of the coolest Postcrossers on the planet (the sender should appreciate that comment, hehe), you can find landmarks such as the Cunera Church (shown on the right) – the main church of the city – and Ouwehands Zoo, which is a pretty well-reputed zoo where you can find white lions and pandas from China. It’s been literal years since being part of a meetup myself, so it’s a breath of fresh air to have postcards from them passed along to me every once in a while. My utmost thanks to Riek who has always been so kind and generous and creative and awesome! And many thanks to all the participants of her wonderful meetup!