Check out this Official Postcrossing card from Russia! Here you can see St. Isaac’s Cathedral, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city. This cathedral came about in the earlier half of the 1800s by Auguste Montferrand, an architect born in France. It served as a church that could hold 14,000 worshipers – for any American baseball fans, that’s about a third of the seats in Citizens Bank Park. The architecture is considered to be a true marvel, and rightfully so! You have the gilded dome at the top, single-piece red granite pillars weighing up to 80 tons, and extraordinary mosaic and stained glass works within. I have to admit, I criminally take for granted how much work is needed to pull this feat off is, even if over the span of 40 days. You can hardly see it, but surrounding the dome are a number of statues, and that’s not to speak of the many other statues surrounding the exterior of the rest of the building below. The sculpting process is not only imaginably tedious, but requires insane amounts of accuracy so as to not mess up the statue-to-be. When you think about it, it is unbelievable what humans are capable of creating. The cathedral served as a worshiping ground until 1931, where it began its new life as a museum. One can go up to the base of the dome and look around at the surrounding city – or, they can just stand in awe of the masterpiece before them! Furthermore, St. Isaac’s Cathedral is part of St. Isaac’s Square, which is also home to other landmarks featuring like architectural mastery, such as the Mariinsky Palace and the Astoria Hotel. I’m gonna stick to my Lego cathedral-building for now – someday it’ll hold half a worshiper! Thank you lots for this stunning postcard!