This card cruised on by to me from Russia! As you can tell, I love to spice up my post intros by relating the picture on the cards to how the postcard reached me – knowing darn well all postcards reach me in the same manner (usually). That’s just how I roll though (puts on $3 sunglasses). Anyway, this is a card showing Tver, a city located in the western part of the country (specifically, Tver Oblast). Tver – which is pronounced quite phonetically actually – is situated among three rivers: the Volga, which divides it into north and south; the Tvertsa, which bisects the northern portion; and the Tmaka, which is a much more circuitous river snaking its way in the south. Dating back to the 12th century, it’s considered to be one of the oldest cities in Russia, and it stood as a midway point between the major cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a trip made traversable thanks to the good ol’ Volga. Because of the waterways, Tver is also a cruise terminal, and as you can see here, you can partake in a nice touristic cruise. If you’re not a cruise person, you can cross by foot the historical landmark of the Starovolzhsky Bridge, also known as “Old Bridge” (though young enough to still conform to public safety standards of course), which connects the north and south banks straddling the Volga. If you’re into something a little more eccentric, though, you could always check out the Goat Museum… which is exactly how it sounds. Actually a cruise AND a trip to view ceramic goats sounds like a day well-spent! I give a big “thank you” to Stas for this card, who I just learned spends a full half hour on his outgoing cards! Now THAT is a true display of Postcrossing spirit!