This is an official Postcrossing card that reached me from China! This is a painting of “The Last Supper”, done by Dieric Bouts, a Dutch painter who was around during the 1400s. I think many people, upon hearing “The Last Supper”, may think of the more popular work by Leonardo da Vinci (which features a longer table), however this one was done earlier! It was done as part of a center panel for the Altarpiece of the Holy Sacrement at St. Peters’ Church in Leuven, Belgium. The Last Supper itself is the event in the history of Christianity where Jesus is with his Twelve Apostles for one final meal preceding his crucifixion. Most paintings of the Last Supper portray the moment where Jesus predicted that one of the apostles would betray him, so you could see the reactions of everyone to his words (this is shown, for example, on da Vinci’s painting). Bouts, however, showed the moment where the Eucharist (a Christian sacrement involving the consecration of bread and wine) was done. As you can imagine, these are two quite different moments taking place in the same event. Thank you very much for sharing this postcard with me, Yilin!