Greetings from Missouri! I love these types of cards: quick facts, a map, and some neat pictures. If only school textbooks were like this too… anyway, since this card has already saved me the work of much research, I’ll just talk about a few of the items mentioned here. So don’t think I’m ENTIRELY lazy, okay? So, Missouri – abbreviated to MO (because MI and MS were already taken, or at least that’s my theory) – is called the “Show-Me” State, as you can see here. It’s not an official nickname but it’s official enough to make it onto MO license plates. It is said that it got this nickname from a speech made by Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver when he visited Philadelphia for a naval banquet (my state representin’ in another state’s story!) You can say that it’s indicative of the people’s general nature to not be quick to believe and instead ask for the evidence, kinda like “prove it”. On the right side of this card you’ll see the Gateway Arch, which is located in the city of St. Louis. It’s symbolic of the expansion of the US towards the West, as in, a “gateway to the west”. Standing at 192 m high, one can access the arch and view the surrounding city and skyline from above. Heck of a vantage point, I’m sure! Thank you so much for your always-thoughtful cards and for your friendship, Irma!