Here’s a really interesting puzzle postcard from the Czech Republic! So based on my top-notch inferences that are always correct (side note: they’re not), I believe the object of this puzzle is to place the pictures at the top in the spaces below, kind of like you would do in sudoku. There are twelve spaces so it’s possible that you would use each picture twice, but I could be wrong (except by the power of my top-notch inferences). For those who are unfamiliar with sudoku, this is a puzzle that normally involves a 9×9 grid with numbers, where the puzzle-doer (the puzzlee?) fills out the blank squares on the grid. The catch is that every row, column, and 3×3 square cannot have duplicate numbers in them. In this case, it’s a 6×6 grid, so it’s a little simpler, but you get to use cute images of the sea so that’s a bonus. Seadoku, folks. No? Yeah not one of my best. Well go ahead and knock yourselves out. Anyone who figures it out gets the AFPY gold star for this month (estimate delivery date is February 30th, 2511). Thanks a lot for this cool puzzle postcard, Marcela!