I never thought I’d encounter the police while checking my mailbox… all my run-ins with the law came whirling in my head: my torn mattress tag, my usage of the WinRar trial past its expiration date, that one illegal three-point turn I did near Grotto Pizza at Harvey’s Lake… :O but now I come to my senses to bring you this neat postcard from Poland! Police is a town located on the western side of Western Pomeranian voivodeship, which is in the northwestern part of the country. With history dating back to the 1200s, I kind of equate this town to Wąbrzeźno, which I posted about earlier, particularly in its hidden beauty (though certainly no shortage of postcards no matter how obscure!) We have nine different depictions here so I’ll quickly do my research (the names are in Polish on the card so it might not be “quickly” quickly)! Starting from the center, then top to bottom, left side to right side: 1.) the Church of Ss. Apostles Peter and Paul (of the 13th century), which faced a fire and general wear-down, and thus was repaired a few times; 2.) a statue of Sedina (a German goddess), located in the old town square; 3.) a monument of Pope John Paul II; 4.) the Central Post Office, yay!; 5.) the 15th century Gothic Chapel, located in the old town; 6.) Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji (the sports hall of Police); 7.) I believe this is a model of St. Mary’s Basilica from Kraków (this model is in the old town as well); 8.) the Municipal Cultural Center of Police; and finally, 9.) the Church of St. Kazimierza Królewicza, which was actually established very recently in terms of churches here (late 20th century). Nine is a lot to research! But that also means you have that many at the least that you can check out at this lovely and quaint town! And you can do that while being a law-abiding citizen! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!