I recently shared a Dragon Ball postcard with you all, and now I’ve got another one over Official Postcrossing from my own state! Better yet, it was sent right out of Philadelphia! Even those who have never watched Dragon Ball Z may be familiar with this notorious son of a gun – Frieza! I don’t really know how to describe Frieza… definitely malicious, powerful, and arguably the coolest antagonist of the entire series. Frieza also undergoes a number of transformations, each stronger than the previous (in DBZ, all main villains go through more forms than a tax agency). This here is Frieza’s fourth and final form, many times more powerful than the one before. He can really take a beat-down too – he survived getting hit with a spirit bomb and the explosion of Namek! For those of you not familiar with the franchise or anime shows (if you made it this far, you have my utmost respect), imagine having the sun thrown at you, and about 12 hours later the Earth blows up. That’s my primitive example for ya. Fun fact: Frieza, while male, is voiced by a female voice actress in the English dub! (Linda Young is her name.) Fun fact for other shonen fans: Linda Young also voiced Genkai in Yu Yu Hakusho, which is another fantastic title! That raspy voice is unmistakable! Thank you so much for making my day with this heck of a card, fellow Pennsylvanian!