My dream breakfast arrived over Official Postcrossing from Germany! At first I thought these may be bagels topped with decoration cream cheese… but they are definitely donuts (or “doughnuts” if you want to be proper… which I don’t…) I once corresponded with someone over Postcrossing (they were from somewhere in Europe) whose son wanted to one day come to America and try the signature sweet American breakfast. It was then that I realized how funny our culture is for having something like that! Of course, not all Americans eat sweet stuff for breakfast, but in taking a more objective look at what we typically associate with breakfast, we have sugary cereal, pancakes, waffles, French toast (those last three being drowned in syrup), donuts, pound cake, upside-down cake, and granola. There’s other stuff like eggs, bacon and scrapple but… they don’t conveniently fit into my argument right now (#onesided). I’m the cereal guy – I’m always buying Cheerios at the supermarket. I let myself be assured by the “heart-healthy” seals of approval and make sure my box sits on my cabinet with the nutrition facts facing the wall. And, I probably wouldn’t think twice before grabbing one of these here donuts. I would never pass myself off as having the model diet, so whatever you do, DON’T TAKE NUTRITIONAL ADVICE FROM ME! “Tyler, what would you recommend for a healthy, stable breakfast?” “Undoubtedly twelve beautifully-topped donuts. Sweets make you happy, and happiness is indicative of good mental health. And there’s fruit, so…” Anyway, thank you so much for the marvelous postcard, Andreas!