Check out this awesome postcard from China! This here is a depiction of characters from the anime Black★Rock Shooter. Black★Rock Shooter – hereinafter BRS – started off as a concept created by Huke of the Japanese musical group Supercell, which was later used by Ryo (of the same group) as inspiration for a song (featuring vocaloid artist Hatsune Miku) and music video using Huke’s character design. BRS herself is a short, pale girl with dark blue hair, a trench coat-like jacket, boots, and a blazing blue left eye. In the anime, she wields a number of crazy firearms and is very swift, plus she can endure quite the beating from her adversaries. The technical term for her character would be “bada**”. She is also the otherworldly half of Mato Kuroi, a middle school student, whose seeming purpose is to bear Mato’s emotional pain on her behalf. This here is an illustration of BRS and the Dead Master (“counterpart” of Mato’s friend, Yomi Takanashi), recreated as students in a classroom. If you look somewhat closely you can see a Hatsune Miku figurine on the left, perhaps as an homage to her participation in the original song. For those who like anime, I would surely recommend this one, it’s well worth the watch! Lots of interpretive story, lots of drama, and lots of awesomely animated action scenes, all packed into a convenient 8 episodes of viewing. This card also came to me with a cool bookmark from the same franchise. Thank you so much for sharing this extraordinary parcel with me, Yusang!