A good friend of mine passed along this card to me from California! This is a look at the mountains of Yosemite National Park, located in central CA. This national park was first protected in 1864 and covers over 3,000 square kilometers. Yosemite National Park is largely known for its giant sequoias, with it’s biggest tree sitting in Mariposa Grove of the park – that tree would be the Grizzly Giant, spanning at nearly 64 meters high and a volume of about 963 meters cubed, making it the 25th largest living sequoia in the world. The park is also know for it’s granite cliffs and valleys, and we of course can’t forget about the staple hiking trails that go up the mountains! This one here is a very broad view of Inspiration Point, which is considered to be a superb vantage point to look out at the park from. The hike up there is actually not too long – a little over 4 km, which is like a 1-2 hour hike depending on how fast you’re going. The kicker is that it sits up 300 meters from its trailhead, so during your hike you’re going up an incline a good portion of the time. That’s pretty much like climbing five Giant Grizzlies! (Mind you, without the arm cramps, chafing bark and questionable sanity.) Worth checking out for park-goers. This picture here is in black and white, but it is indeed a look at a clearing storm going over Inspiration Point. Seeing mountains coated in clouds is such a surreal sight to me – I also feel this way when I’m in an airplane looking down at the clouds, like “yeah, try to rain on me NOW!” Thanks a ton for always leading the way on the postcard exchanges and for your friendship as always, Steve!