Behold this cool recipe card from Wisconsin! Wisconsin is a state in the US located in the northern part of the country, a few states west and maybe one state up from my own. Door County is a county of WI located in the northeast part of the state, serving as a peninsula in Lake Michigan, one of the US’s Great Lakes. Door County has nearly 500 km of shoreline and some bangin’ cuisine. One such representation of this bangin’ cuisine is something totally specific to Door County – the fish boil! Thanks to this card, you can see what’s part of the fish boil – in short, restaurants in Door County will use fresh-caught whitefish (which should be easy considering nearly the entire county is surrounded by water) and add their own special ingredients to the concoction to make something both delicious and fun! It started off as a way to feed large amounts of lumberjacks and fishermen, and now serves as a way to bring the community together. This is not only a meal, but almost like a ceremony as onlookers can watch the process, including the “boil-over”, where the “boil master” tosses kerosene on the fire below the pot, causing a MASSIVE flame like what you see here. (Fun fact: this is done to burn off the brine that comes about from having the fish in it. And, it’s cool as heck to witness.) What’s not mentioned here is that it is customary to finish off a fish boil meal with some signature Door County cherry pie, another delicious staple of the area. I watched a video of the fish boil process and I honestly wanna go to Wisconsin right now just to see it in person! (And well duh try it myself!) Thank you so much for this mouth-wateringly awesome postcard!