Got a nice bunch of postcards from Canada! I’ll start with this one and post the others in later days. Here we have a view of the totem poles in Stanley Park, Vancouver. Stanley Park is in the northern part of the peninsula and is the oldest and largest public park in Vancouver, with over a thousand acres full of beach, trails, about 500,000 trees, and tourist spots such as the Vancouver Aquarium and Splash Park (a water park). Each year this park gets about 8 million visitors! What you see here are the totem poles of Brockton Point, located in the most eastern part of Stanley Park, and considered to be the most visited attraction there. There were nine totem poles that were carved in British Columbia (the province that Vancouver belongs to) by those of the indigenous communities, dating back as far as the late 1800s that were moved to Brockton Point in the mid 1900s. Today many of these totem poles are actually replicas as the originals were sent to museums for preservation, but you have to admire that replica or not, these are really intriguing sights! One thing I did not know (among the enormous list of things I don’t know that stretches from Earth to Jupiter) is that totem poles originated in the northwestern part of North America (to include British Colombia and Alaska). I point that out because I’ve known about totem poles for so long, and I always associated them with native culture, yet really didn’t know much about them in retrospect! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely card with me!