I received this lovely postcard from Singapore! This card illustrates a brand new development at Changi Airport, one of Singapore’s airports: Jewel! Changi Airport was named the World’s Best Airport seven years in a row by Skytrax (a UK-based air travel ranker), and after seeing some videos and pictures of it, I think I’m gonna have to concur. The creation of Jewel Changi, though, may just be what takes the cake. It started off as a need to expand one of the terminals, and later transformed into a desire to really up the appeal of an already beautiful airport. Jewel has a shopping mall, places to dine, a four-story garden, the world’s largest indoor waterfall (which you can see here), and a hotel. And it’s astounding – just looking at what’s there, I can see how it attracts so many visitors! And it’s not just travelers, either – anyone can visit as it’s not actually part of the terminal (which is slightly ironic given the origins of the project haha). Oh, and I did see that there’s a Pokémon Center, so you already know that wins my heart! Not to mention the stunning gem-like exterior of the complex, as well! One day when I make my trip to Singapore… I think I’m just gonna hang out here. Who wants to be the first to hold a Postcrossing meetup at Jewel? Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your travel with me, Ady! You rock!