Good morning from Mexico! This morning is soooo peaceful 

🙂 I wanted to share another photo from yesterday as it represents an ASTOUNDING maritime journey that my whole mom’s side of the family got to enjoy! We took a sunset cruise around Cabo’s most notable landmark – El Arco, or the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. This is an absolutely INCREDIBLE nature-made rock formation between the Sea of Cortés and the Pacific Ocean, with the small yet serene Lovers’ Beach snugly sitting between the rocks, and the stunning San Andres Cave hiding among them. With every turn that the catamaran took, we were seeing something new. It was quite literally artwork to us and I can say that a lot of us were just blown away! Pikachu got to pose in front of El Arco as I held him with vicegrip force to make sure he wouldn’t suddenly go for a swim. What a trip that was! Certainly a big RECOMMEND from me for anyone wanting to visit here!