As beautiful petals on a flower wilt, so too must a wonderful trip come to a close. I’m getting ready to head back home and I’m hoping to be lying in my bed by midnight at the latest (yay for work tomorrow XD). BUT – I did get the chance to write a bunch of postcards and they are on their way! I have some extra unnamed ones heading to my home too that I can mail in an envelope to a few others (so that they’re still postmarked from Mexico). Please pardon the brevity of my messages as I was up till nearly 1am today writing them! And know that they may take quite a bit of time to arrive – I’m just hoping that they do at all! Lastly, big shout out to my mom Lori Hallman for being such an awesome and generous travel partner and helping me out greatly with the postcards! I had so much fun with you, Bailey and the whole family! Can’t wait till mystery trip 2020!