Cheese is love, cheese is life. This platter of awesomeness was served to me from the Netherlands! This shows a cheese market in the old city hall of Gouda, located in South Holland (in the east). Gouda is pronounced something like “HOW-da”… which pretty much invalidates every “gooda” pun I’ve ever made (including the one I made a few weeks ago with the “Cheesed to Meet You” postcard… life’s hard…) Gouda is very much known for its cheese – which is actually not produced in Gouda, but rather in nearby areas (it’s just traded in Gouda). Where the cheese is made is in Cheese Valley, which encompasses small areas in between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht. As you can see, the Gouda cheese wheels are stacks and laid out along the ground by farmers, ready to be sold. The market is held every Thursday morning between early April and late August. Whenever a sale is made, the farmer and the customer shake hands, and off Mr. Cheese goes to his new home. I’m not certain I recall trying regular Gouda cheese, but I know I’ve had smoked Gouda, and that stuff is goooood. I don’t believe it’s super sharp though – not as much as cheddar at least. Man if I could take a whole wheel of this home with me… I think customs would go bananas. But it’s worth it… because cheese. Thank you so much for sharing this neat postcard, Helmie!