This card arrived over Official Postcrossing from Missouri! I originally thought this was just a cool retro-style card about eating out, but it turns out this is of a cafe on Historic Route 66! Route 66 is a decommissioned highway that runs from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. I say “decommissioned” because it’s no longer it’s own highway, but rather broken up into smaller but fasterroads. This cafe here is called Ariston Cafe, and it’s located in Illinois along Historic Route 66. This cool family-run restaurant was founded in 1924 back when Route 4 took the place of later-day Route 66. It’s considered to be one of the oldest restaurants along Route 66 and has a place in the National Register of Historical Places, which is a list of sites that are to be preserved for their historical significance. So, that’s cool and all… but I know y’all wanna know what they serve! Looking at the menu I’m surprised by how diverse the options are! (Also glad I just finished dinner prior to writing this post as I would be wolf-hungry otherwise…) Southern, western, seafood, Italian, Mexican, and good ol’ American are among what you can choose from. Nothing like some bangin’ Ariston to start off (or end) a Historic Route 66 cruise. “Remember where the good food is served” – Mom’s kitchen aside, I will definitely be remembering where the good food is served. Thanks so much for sending me this cool postcard!