Got this quite literally SUPER card from California! Many may know this anime series – Dragon Ball! As a kid my very first anime show was Dragon Ball Z (I also watched the original Dragon Ball from time to time). The memories of watching are very vivid – my brother and I would come home off the bus from elementary school, race down the driveway, and watch DBZ with our dad in the living room. So this card here features one of the movies for the Dragon Ball Super, the newest storyline in the DB gang. Depicted is Gogeta, who is a fusion character of Goku (the protagonist in pretty much all of the shows) and Vegeta (another protagonist… who would hate me for calling him that but… this is the best way to describe him for now without writing a novel). Gogeta is arguably one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. Oh yeah, for those not familiar with DB – there’s a ton of fighting. And even doubly so is the grunting, panting, hair color-changing, and a certain bald character who often gets the short end of the stick. But all in all, a superb franchise that I hold dearly in my heart! Thanks so much Abran for sending this to me, this is the awesomest in every way!