“Czech” out this beautiful Official Postcrossing card that reached me from the Czech Republic! What you see here is one of the big cats of the wild… and I regret to say, I’m unsure if it’s a leopard or a jaguar! So something I wanted to talk about is the difference between three cats that I personally could never tell apart: the leopard, the jaguar, and the cheetah. In terms of looks, jaguars are the largest ones, and leopards the smallest (of the three). Jaguars and leopards are more muscular and stockier, with rose-shaped spots that are black around the “petals” and dark inside, while cheetahs are slender and have sharper shoulder blades, and fully solid black spots. Jaguars and cheetahs are diurnal (meaning that they’re active during the day), whereas leopards prefer to hunt at night. I think cheetahs are pretty easy to distinguish, but to be honest, even after researching I can’t tell the difference between a jaguar and a leopard. Depending on the time of day I guess I could have a better chance of guessing right. Let’s just hope it has already eaten before I decide to study it to further determine which cat it is! Thank you so much for this majestically awesome postcard, Monika!