Here’s a neat card from the Philippines! Depicted is a Sinulog dancer of Cebu. Cebu is a province and an island located kind of in the middle of the archipelago, and the capital of it is Cebu City. “Sinulog” comes from “sulog”, an adverb meaning “like the current of water”, naturally to describe the movement of the dance (which is a forward-and-back motion). The Sinulog Festival, considered by many to be the “Mother of all Festivals”, is held every January in Cebu City, and it’s in honor of Santo Niño – also known as “Child Jesus” or “Christ Child”. The Sinulog dancer here is seen raising a statue of Santo Niño. Outside of the religious aspects of the festival, many – including those outside of the country – come to the festival to enjoy the radiant colors of the costumes and the gracefulness of the dancing. A week before the festival, there is also a Sinulog Marathon in the city, where one can run up to 42 km. If only THAT could feel like the current of water too, huh?! There are some YouTube videos you can watch of the festival – it’s pretty neat and the costumes are definitely vibrant! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful card and for all the information you provided, Luna!