Here’s a cool meetup postcard that reached me from Romania! I tend to throw around the word “meetup” a lot in my postcards, but let me remind you that it takes a time, a place, and a group of awesome people to procure these treats! Here we have a postcard endorsing the Danube Delta, located on the eastern side of the country along the Black Sea. Deltas are landforms that are created from the sediment that rivers carry while heading into the ocean. Rivers carry sediment while they run, but as they get closer to the mouth (where it empties into the ocean), they get slower and start to kind of break up, leading to a circuitous set of sub-rivers, if you will. As they slow down, they can no longer keep the sediment they were carrying, and it ends up settling into a delta. You can’t really see it here but if you find map views of the Danube delta, you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, the Danube Delta – which begins at the Danube River, naturally – is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s home to about 300 species of birds. This delta was formed over the course of over 10,000 years – which makes sense given how gradual the deposits are made. It’s like depositing a few pennies every day into your bank account until you’re a millionaire. Guess that’s why they say the soil is very rich there? By the way – the meetup DID in fact take place in the delta! Thank you so much Riek for your thoughtfulness and kindness as always! And I constantly admire your adventurousness as you attend these meetups left and right!