Here is another meetup card that I received, this time from the Åland Islands! I’m proud to say that this is not my first meetup card from this annual meetup – I received last year’s as well! I am loved, yippee! XD This is the 4th Åland Islands meetup, which took place on Mariehamn Island. Mariehamn – considered the heart of the Baltic Sea – is the capital of the islands. By the way, these islands make up an autonomous region in Finland – if you don’t know where they’re located, they’re right off the southern coast of the country. They’re the drops of water falling off of the “fin” (I love me some visual association!) Anyway, Mariehamn is a relatively small town with two harbors (Västerhamn and Österhamn) and used to be a pretty big hub for maritime trade. Today it has a sizable tourist base, getting about 1.5 million per year. One thing that I absolutely need to mention – besides how super well this card is designed (these Åland cards are some of the best quality) – is the Åland Postcrossing stamp that is attached! The Postcrossing stamp for this region recently made its first appearance, and it does not disappoint in the slightest! Between the world shaped as a heart, the perforated design around it, and of course the mention of Postcrossing, it stands as probably one of my favorite stamps thus far! You can read more about the stamp on the Postcrossing blog:…/aland-postcrossing-stamp-lau…. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness, Virpi! This card is superb!