Month: June 2019

Hotel Carvallo of Ecuador

This Official Postcrossing postcard was sent to me from Arizona! On my profile I state that I like receiving cards of seemingly random nature (I’m paraphrasing myself), and this card was sent in response to that! The sender wasn’t entirely sure how it even showed up in his collection – […]

The Jewel of Changi!

I received this lovely postcard from Singapore! This card illustrates a brand new development at Changi Airport, one of Singapore’s airports: Jewel! Changi Airport was named the World’s Best Airport seven years in a row by Skytrax (a UK-based air travel ranker), and after seeing some videos and pictures of […]

Åland Meetup Pt. 2!

Not to brag but… I actually received TWO Åland meetup cards this year! The cool thing is that there were different designs of cards, so I didn’t get a duplicate! (Not that I would have been saddened at all by a duplicate though – I’m just moved by the thought […]

Åland Meetup!

Here is another meetup card that I received, this time from the Åland Islands! I’m proud to say that this is not my first meetup card from this annual meetup – I received last year’s as well! I am loved, yippee! XD This is the 4th Åland Islands meetup, which […]

Trieste Meetup!

Got a couple Postcrossing meetup cards to share with y’all! This is one from Italy! Here is Miramare Castle, located right by the shoreline along the Gulf of Trieste. This castle was built in the 1800s – so as far as castles go, this one’s pretty young. It’s architecture draws […]

Jaguars & Leopards!

“Czech” out this beautiful Official Postcrossing card that reached me from the Czech Republic! What you see here is one of the big cats of the wild… and I regret to say, I’m unsure if it’s a leopard or a jaguar! So something I wanted to talk about is the […]

Waterfall funride

So I was supposed to post something today but I’m still partially in vacation mode, so I haven’t posted anything ’til now. I received a boatload of cards upon my return though, so I definitely have a lot of APFY research and whatnot to do! For now, though, let’s just […]

Sending Out Postcards!

As beautiful petals on a flower wilt, so too must a wonderful trip come to a close. I’m getting ready to head back home and I’m hoping to be lying in my bed by midnight at the latest (yay for work tomorrow XD). BUT – I did get the chance […]

Camel Ride!

Today we got to go camel-riding! We did a morning expedition with Cabo Adventures where we got to ride camels along the beach, learn about cacti native to the area, and eat some very authentic-tasting Mexican cuisine! Our tour guide was hilarious and informative and the weather was breezy enough […]

Sunset cruise

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Good morning from Mexico! This morning is soooo peaceful  🙂 I wanted to share another photo from yesterday as it represents an ASTOUNDING maritime journey that my whole mom’s side of the family got to enjoy! We took a sunset cruise around Cabo’s most notable landmark – El Arco, or the […]