This ink-redible postcard arrived over Official Postcrossing from China! This feels like walking into a really well-stocked stationery store. By the way I’m pretty sure I used that ink pun before but, eh, I think the waiting period in between like puns has ended so I should be good. While I’ve been gradually doing a better job of spicing up my postcards (e.g. with themed postcards, stickers, washi tape and cool stamps), I have yet to switch up my pen game. I use standard dark blue ink on all my cards – perhaps I could use some of the ones depicted here. I have to say – stationery store pens have a certain enticing psychological effect. The full spectrum of colors makes it feel like I’m looking at table full of lollipops or something (“suckers” for those who don’t use “lollipops”). Or maybe, the psychological effect is the need to “have ‘em all” – like, if I were to buy just one of these pens, it’d feel incomplete. As you can see, when I’m not researching something for my post, I’m contemplating the most “useful” things such as this. But you know what – I love it. Thanks so much for this postcard of rainbow goodness!