This is a neat postcard I received over Official Postcrossing from Utah! This is a piece on display at the Museum of Modern Art (also known as MoMA) in NYC titled “African-American Flag”. This work was done by David Hammons in 1990 and is a hybrid of the American flag’s design and the 1920 Pan-African flag’s colors (red, black and green). The latter, which Is also known as the UNIA flag (“UNIA” standing for “Universal Negro Improvement Association”), was designed by Marcus Garvey. It symbolized black freedom and was sort of a political statement in light of there not being a flag for the black race. As some of you may know, this was a time period where the African-American community struggled on political and social levels, so this was a noteworthy step. Going back to the flag in the postcard, this flag intertwines the statuses of being black and being American as the same thing. There’s a ton behind the symbolism of the flag and my words don’t quite do it justice as it bears deep roots in American history. Very much worth learning more about! Thank you so much for this super card, Evelyn!