“You wake up to find yourself washed up on a shoreline preceding the vast White Sea…” For some reason my mind went to a choose-your-own-adventure style introduction here. Official Postcrossing card from Russia, folks! So the White Sea (in case you haven’t yet deduced, this is a card of the White Sea) is located north of Russia… well, it’s kind of an inlet of the larger Barents Sea that is hugged by the Kola Peninsula and… whatever else of Russia. One theory for how the White Sea got its name is due how for six or seven months a year, it’s covered in ice. I mean, that’s about as far north as Siberia, so… yeah… also, some say the water is just generally whitish, which could also account for why it was named that way. Just so long as it’s not the White Sea due to astronomical amounts of salt content (actually the Dead Sea already takes the salty cake for that one). Thanks so much for this wonderful postcard and for your kindness, Angelina!