Here’s another cool postcard from Germany! This is a card from the European Flacon Glass Museum, located in Kleintettau, Germany (southern part of the country). For those of you like me how have know idea what a “flacon” is (and no, I didn’t misspell falcon, although that’d be a bangin’ museum too), it’s a small glass bottle that has a stopper in it, kinda like a cork. These kinds of bottles are normally used for perfumes, and a good example is the one right here! Apparently this one is called “Scarlett”… which I’m assuming is the brand? It is of Czech origin. I’d tell you what it smells like but the card is not scratch-n-sniff (I tried already). I can tell you that I would be terrible at being a perfume manufacturer. Why? Because I just never make “scents”. Boom, another 10 points to Gryffindork – anyway, more importantly, thank you so much for sharing this really neat card from an otherwise hidden gem of a museum, Gine!