Got this postcard from Germany! Not too long ago I shared a card of Cottbus – here’s another one from the same sender, with a couple of new buildings to introduce! Up at the top is the old market, which I talked about briefly in my previous Cottbus post. That building that almost looks like a giant packing peanut is the Cottbus Technical University Library. It’s actually not S-shaped though – according to the floor plan, it curves out in four places. Cottbus houses a campus for the Brandenburg University of Technology, which was founded in 1991. Below the blob-like building is the Cottbus State Theatre, which is another one of notable architecture. This is an Art Nouveau theatre (“Art Nouveau” is a very decorative style of art, often used for things like interior design and architecture) that is home to some really cool operatic, theatrical and musical productions. It’s also the only state theatre in Brandenburg! Next to that is the Cottbus synagogue, constructed in 1902, which is also quite a beautiful building. Lastly, in the center of the spotlight is the Cottbus stagecoach, with two lovely steeds pulling it. The sender included a tongue twister loosely related to this image: it goes, “Der Potsdamer Postkutscher putzt den Potsdamer Postkutschkasten”. This translates to “the Potsdam mail coachman polishes the Potsdam mailcoach” (Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg). I’m gonna opt to not twist my tongue and I’ll instead stick with the English version! Feel free to give this saying a try! (Even if it wasn’t a tongue twister I think I’d have trouble saying it XD) Thank so much for another wonderful and informative postcard, Ulrich!