Major props for this postcard from Scotland! I get a kick out of the postcards I receive XD Many of you may recognize this garment – it’s the kilt! Kilts are woolen skirts typically worn by men in the Scottish Highlands region (this is the northern part of Scotland). They usually have a tartan pattern, which is a crisscross pattern similar to plaid. The first use of tartan dates back to 1538, and in order to dye the colors appropriately, things like berries and mosses were used. Early kilts were actually full-body garments, so they kind of worked as cloaks. It wasn’t until the late 1600s and early 1700s that the contemporary cloak came into play. So really, kilts aren’t crazy old! Kilts were worn much more often back then than present day as now people may wear one only maybe during a wedding, military procession, sporting event, etc. When one wears a kilt, they might also adorn one of the common accompaniments: the sporran, which is like a decorative purse. Contrary to common belief, you CAN wear undergarments with a kilt, though they say that not having any is the way of a “True Scotsman”. A Postcard for You is a family-friendly page dedicated to clean, wholesome culture-sharing so we will not be confirming whether or not this here lovely model is a True Scotman. Guess you could say we’ll leave it… open-ended. Oh I’m so proud of that one XD You kilt it with this awesome choice of card, Mindaugas – thank you!