Here’s another card from Germany! This one features a subdivision of the association of farmers’ youth (or rural youth, which is what “Landjugend” translates to) in Baden-Württemberg, which is a state in the southwestern part of the country (almost completely opposite of Brandenburg). So, this is a youth organization dedicated to partaking in initiatives in agricultural and youth policy. These largely involved things like volunteering, education, networking, and the use of social media. The winegrowers’ subdivision is a subset of this organization that is greatly involved in both professional and recreational winegrowing. The intent of this subdivision is to share about winegrowing and to “enliven the politics of winegrowing with [one’s] own opinion”. By the way, while it’s the grapes that actually grow, “winegrowing” IS indeed the correct term for this activity (this also goes by “viticulture”). This seems like a pretty unique organization and just through reading the mission statement on its website, it seems to be effective as a politically independent organization. Most of the material is in German but Google Translate is a real bro. The sender also translated some of the writing on the back of the card! (Which is the quote above that I thought was too eloquent to paraphrase.) Thank you so much for sharing this interesting postcard with me, Peter!