Late post today but it’s not midnight yet, so it’s still good! This one is from Official Postcrossing from Russia! Guys I’m not sure how the engineering works on this one… granted, I’ve never gotten around to the hobby of apple stacking. Every time I hold three apples in my hand I’m inclined to just juggle them (true story!) But Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous Fruit Model managed to stack these specimensperfectly, just long enough for them to snap the postcard shot. But wait – what if they’re actually tipping over and the picture was snapped mid-fall? I try not to dwell on that possibility – the thought of sensitive fruits hitting the floor from ehh maybe a meter high brings me great angst. Fun fact: many say that apple seeds are poisonous. Which is true (sorta)! Apples contain amygdalin, which turns to hydrogen cyanide. But, you’d have to eat a ton of apple seeds (about two cups full) to in order to have a chance of something fatal happening. If you can eat that many apples to begin with then I will personally pay for your hospital bill. And that’s another APFY-sponsored night of useless banter; I’m your host Tyler, and have a great night/morning folks! (And thanks for the postcard!)